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  1. Few Ideas

    A map editor while still in EA is tough to keep up on. We ran into an issue recently on another game where we upgraded ue4 engine and the workshop map wasnt updated yet so all the workshop maps dont work anymore until a new map editor app can be made.
  2. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    You can move from LAN to public and will see the servers. By default it comes up as lan. Prolly need to change that,I go to it before quickmatch.
  3. Green screen bug

    Did it work at all or is this after an update,did you verify cache or try uninstalling then reinstalling? What graphics card are you using?
  4. Green screen bug

    What are your system specs? Have you changed in graphics/video settings?
  5. Explosives

    I need some throwable/triggered c4 or some claymores/IED's.
  6. Search and Destroy Game Mode!

    Is it me or is his font color hard to see?
  7. First Impressions and feedback

    Character seemed to run more sluggish. Turnrate on controller needs adjusted.Noticed in TDM you dont see kill count til end. I thought it should talley at the top in grey boxes that are currently blank. Also,the cash earned at end of game should show what you earned that match and then tally total amount you earned altogether,instead it shows previous balance.
  8. First Impressions and feedback

    I liked the new patch with exception of not being able to start in public server with nobody on. I can host a match fine but would rather run around a public server until somebody's on. Thanx to one of the devs I can sprint with controller now,makes a world of difference,thank again Jedi. Glad to see the map names matching. One little issue I see is the jump and crouch are too quick and not very effective. Seems like they hardly move height wise. I cant figure how to use my ammo box perk tho,it drops in front of me but dont seem to add ammo,am I missing a step?
  9. Early Access Keys Delivered!

    That would be great to schedule some times we can play w/ the dev team. Think I played w/ Chuck a bit other day. Do our current keys carry over to ea on the 10th or are they temporary?
  10. Early Access Keys Delivered!

    How many keys were given out,why are servers so empty?
  11. First Impressions and feedback

    I tried kb/mouse for ads and is just as slow. I was however able to speed up my turnrate on controller a bit,tried adding another line mapping for run controller but was a no go.
  12. First Impressions and feedback

    I love the game,loved it at PAX and seems even better now. I didnt notice any sign of cheat detection, I wouldnt rely on VAC alone,go with Punkbuster or Easy Anti Cheat before this game gets ****d by hackers, the COD hack crowd will be sniffing around soon.I'm the same on keybinds,after diggingaround on main page I found the bindings on the site. add the bindings list on the controls UI of the game. I am a controller player and found it to haveslow turn rateand couldnt bind my sprint which left me at a major disadvantage. When zooming or ADS it was slow,but may be due to controller.When i used sprint on kb it wasnt very vast either.I will play around with my input config file to adjust turnrate and hopefully have some luck.Not very many people were playing according to server browser,hopefully more on on tonite.
  13. Early Access Keys Delivered!

    Thanx so much guys.
  14. Moving Hazard Steam Page is LIVE!!!

    Few questions... When can I play? What about anti cheat detection,what will you be using? Sony has just in past few weeks released controllerWinShock drivers compatible for windows for PS4 licensees only.It may take some time to work through the kinks on how this applies to UE4 but having this first step taken by Sony means Epic will be integrating soon for devs that hold ps4 licenses. Will you be getting a sony dev kit for porting to ps4? And when can I play,lol?
  15. Preorders

    My birthday is in march,just throwing that out there,lol.