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  1. Few Ideas

    Hey guys, You guys did a good job on this game I enjoy it. I have a few ideas because the concept of your game would be super fun with a few map ideas i have. Bridge Crossing (from AA well ya change it up a bit but general idea) Kark (Bf2 (P4F) Or can we make our own maps ? if so i'll be more and happy to play around with the editor
  2. Why Can't purchased in japan?

    I'd suggest changing your region on steam this way it allows you to purchase the game. Not really a fix more of a bypass. Best of luck hope to see you ingame.
  3. L3git Tactics Recruiting

    About us: First and foremost read this ---> We are currently about only 4* members strong. We're trying to build a team from scratch here, so it may take a while to have a full roster. If having to pub with us for a little while until we have enough guys to scrim. L3git Tactics started back in 2005 on America's Army 2.x over the years we have played number of games from the Battlefield series, L3git Tactics was one of the bigger clans on Battlefield Paly4free but we moved out of Battlefield Paly4free to join the fight on other games. We have members from all over the world from USA, Canada, India and Israel What we'er looking for: - Asking that all members download Discord (It helps working as a team). Link: https://discordapp.com/apps - We are not exceptionally talented, if you're looking for that, you probably wouldn't be happy here. We're not total noobs, we have some experience with the BF series, and don't want to recruit total noobs, but if you're just average that’s alright. - Most of us have full time jobs and playing games is fun, not work. But we have something for all types of players. - We don't require past clans/experience. That isn't important to us. - We want members that are fairly active, but we aren't nazis about practice and scrims. We'll do them whenever we can, but if people have something to do, school/work/women/life is more important. - We want players who are interested in competition, and want to try and improve as players and as a team. - We don't recruit people that (voice chat) rage. If you can't stop yourself from crying and saying "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" or "OMG NO WAY" every time you die, we don't want you. - We don't recruit immature kids. childish stupidity isn't something that appeals to most of us. - Age 17+ ---------- Basically if you want a place to play competitively with a relaxed group of players without having to dedicate all of your free time to work at a game, hit me up my GSN= Leader: [L3]De[v] Discord, Address: https://discord.gg/m8uNg52 http://www.L3git.com