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  1. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    Oh jeez, I didn't even notice. Thanks for the hint! Well I really think the developers should have Online as default view instead of LAN. Nobody is expectin nor looking for LAN play when he clicks on server browser.
  2. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    I'll reuse this thread for my feedback of B3161 Steam overlay doesn't seem to be working at all. I also validated game cache to no avail The server browser constantly showed 0 servers. Obviously there were some servers online, I did find a few matches http://i.imgur.com/wBLuDTn.jpg The new UI doesn't work well with (4:3) 1600x1200 resolution. Many things are cut-off http://i.imgur.com/9Jw9w3K.jpg http://i.imgur.com/J6K2Ahc.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3KWsY0s.jpg Overall, the whole graphics seems to be jolted/distorted at (4:3) 1600x1200 resolution, looking very odd. It didn't look like that in previous versions of the game. just look how jolted the weapon looks, and way too "long" http://i.imgur.com/m9B9Np5.jpg feels like the camera is too far on the backmost end of the gun FOV was at 90
  3. Exciting Changes Coming!

    Awww yea! I should get back to playing this more often. Too many times I didn't find any players during EU-friendly times....
  4. Meet the Dev: David Langeliers

    Heh, I've been wondering who this person may be, sicne Tiggs made the post on his behalf. Now that you posted yourself I can put a name... to the name... ;-)
  5. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    Found a new rare bug, where when you try to knife a zombie, but the zombie somehow dies while the knifing animation is initiated (natural selection or someone shoots it), you perform the animation anyways and after that are stuck without a gun. http://imgur.com/ZertpI0 Also the bug mentioned in the first post, where I would see someobody else's XP bar/progress after a match, still persists, but much less frequently.
  6. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    some more bugs (maybe already reported): the ammo pack killstreak only adds 2 rounds instead of 2 magazines (?). Also adds no grenades. Also its still floating, huge, and can only be openend when you knife it (silly) in hideout customization the vet perk has no effect, at least not visible in numbers (total health) in hideout, the trader perk did not discount the AK. I'm not sure if it discounts anything tbh (hard to compare without before/after screenshot). Overall possibly that none of the hideout perks have an effect right now. This should be looked into! Suggestion: allow to reset hideout upgrades. Maybe a small "fee" of $5000 per reset so people don't reset whenever
  7. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    Finally managed to get a screenshot for the "total xp" and "total money" not showing up correctly. I think it mostly affects Level 0 and 1 playes, after that it seems to vanish http://imgur.com/4JGbxLe and http://imgur.com/e67dT3b And also I have another suggestion: How about a decoy grenade!? Basically a grenade that you can throw at enemies, and they will smell super tasty for zombies and each zombie they pass by or is in the vicinity will get extremely hungry and chase that player. maybe something like that is already planned?
  8. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    when you used up all of the M4 ammo, the bullet count says 0/-1 http://i.imgur.com/TEfdomp.jpg some attachments for weapons show up multiple times, e.g. recoil shows up twice in Heavy loadout http://i.imgur.com/BcwIaj5.jpg there's an inconsistency between unlocked "items". I unlocked quivk draw fro pistol on assault, and it was utomatically unlocked on Heavy as well. However on Recon it was not!
  9. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    I noticed a few other things earlier I was about to use Zombie blindness but then decided i wanted to use full recon before. I tried to ESCape out of the targeting screen but it was impossible. Please allow us to cancel (e.g. when you don't find any targets) throwing grenades could use some improvements. Currently its almost impossible to throw them out of windows - they just exlode on the wall in front of your face. It would provide for some nice tactical combat if it were possible when someone throws a PAM at you, and you still got the goo in your face while you die, you'll respawn with goo in the face
  10. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    Nice idea. Or spin the zombie virus idea a bit further and make an injection that turns the player into a frenzied high-speed claw-swinging half-zombie for 15 seconds.
  11. some bug reports and feedback/suggestions

    Another suggestion: - show server name and map/ gamemode on the scoreboard when you press tab. makes it easier for friends if you can tell them which server to look for.
  12. Match length

    Nah, it's actually only 5 min. But Oldtimedevdude said it is supposed to be 10, so something must ahve gone wrong.
  13. bugs (March 9): sometimes on end of match, i see my XP bar go up, and when it's done it suddenly switches to show a completely different level bar (which I suspect belongs belong to a different person on the server). In my case, I ranked up towards level 10, suddenly the display changed to "next level 40" - and there was one guy on the server matching that criteria sometimes you cannot join servers from the server browser, just get kicked backed to menu repeatedly. I suspect this happens while a match has just ended and has not yet arrived on mapvote (when I was finally able to join I found myself in mapvote) I can reload my M4 (any weapon?) even when I just spawned, thus wasting a magazine when chosing spectate from team selection, you cannot use autoselect teams after that. autoselect has a lock symbol when you go into 'select class' class screen while dead, you will respawn anyways if you aren't really quick. The game should instead wait for your selection quick join still seems to only look for LAN games, then automatically puts you into set-up for a custom game the game tries to install .NET framework every single time when I launch it. I have WIN 10 x64 Pro with the latest updates installed feedback: the getting-knifed animation feels to long. make it quicker and actually show an animation (probably WIP?). Currently it feels broken, like being stuck for no reason the unreal logo and illfonic intro videos are way too loud, at least when you have the game on low volume settings. I have FX and music @25/20 and the intros **** my ears each time the M249 firing sound is bad. Also the gun could use some tweaks, e.g. more recoil and instead be more lethal. Atm it kinda feels like a weaker bullet-thrower type assault rifle suggestions: allow us to go to hideout (to buy new attachments/ weapons etc.) whille in map vote allow to adjust loadouts while in a match. currently you can only select, not edit. E.g changing scope or grenades/items/perks would be very handy allow tab to show scoreboard/teams while on team selection screen (you need to see where your friends are) no idea what the ingame scoreboard (tab) placement is based on. Probably the game tracks an internal score somewhere, but none is displayed. Show the score!! make a 'friends' tab on server browser, also allow to sort by ping, and filter by regions allow to join Steam friends directly from Steam's 'join game' fucntionality

    I mentioned this in a few places already: The knife/melee key is missing in this guide.
  15. First Impressions and feedback

    Whatever you changed in today'S patch, my FPS went from playable on Medium down to unplayable on Low. Well, my potato PC doesn't even really meet the minimum requirements so I ain't gonna complain. The M249 coul use some polish. The firing sound is kinda bad and there's barely any recoil. The M249 is not an assault rifle!