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Patch Version B3538 July 4th

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We've been hard at work cleaning up bugs and implementing optimization fixes. Check out the new Jericho Pistol and weapon skins! We'd love to hear your feedback on these new additions.

General / gameplay
  • New Jericho pistol available!
  • Skins for weapons now available!
  • Reduced overall max zombie count (last patch pushed it up a bit too high) and dropped their non-frenzied damage by 30%.
  • New special stage zombie effects to make them stand out from the crowd better.
  • Player bot difficulty now varies based on level, and fixed weapon recoil not affecting their aiming.
  • Servers now tick networking at 60FPS, up from Unreal's default of 30FPS.
  • Hit indicator noise added for when you shoot an enemy-frenzied zombie.
  • Parabellums cause 30% less damage to zombies and 10% less damage to players.
  • Dum Dums cause 10% more damage to zombies and to players with no armor left. Dum Dums do 30% less damage to armor.
  • JHPs increased ADS accuracy (reduce ADS spread) and reduce kickback by 10%, dropped damage by 10%
  • Zombie animation updates migrated from Blueprint to code and parallelized! Substantial (600%) CPU use reduction, and allows zombie animation to scale across all of your processor cores.
  • Sizeable optimization made to player stats netcode which reduces a LOT of the start of match traffic and some mid-game activity too.
  • Minor CPU use optimizations to reduce zombie mesh and collision updates, and to reduce material updates on all characters.
  • Building more cached lists of actor types to reduce common iteration cases: like a list of alive players and alive zombies. Fixed small CPU hitches caused by the spawning system on host machines on lower end CPUs.
  • Backend user profile initialization glue between client and server optimized: server now preps backend data for your account before you even start loading the map!
  • Dropped foliage lightmap resolutions on some assets that had it a little bit too high, which reduces texture memory usage a little.
Bug fixes
  • Integrated UE4 4.12.4.
  • Fixed enemies showing on radar when they aren’t firing and recon isn’t active.
  • Fixed radar distance limits for recon and full recon.
  • Fixed a potential NaN while calculating weapon spread. Would result in 0 spread when there is 0 spread desired, but still.
  • Gave spawn weighting a “forgiveness” threshold so that what is considered highly-rated is a little more forgiving, helping to ensure a level of randomness because there are more high-rated spawns to pick from.
  • Fixed zombies idling on top of their spawn for too long after spawning, blocking it from being used by other zombies.
  • Added map checks to prevent spawns from being placed inside of blocking geometry rendering them useless, and checks to prevent them from being placed too far above the ground. Fixed all blocked/floating spawns in all maps.
  • Fixed player bots not attempting to respawn if they were starved of spawns (no valid ones to spawn at), resulting in no player bots showing up or only showing up for one life on smaller maps.
  • Added more player spawns and fixed some unusable ones (inside of clipping geometry) to give the spawning systems more to work with, fixing spawn starvation.
  • Various fixes to prevent zombies from accumulating too much in isolated areas, though it’s still not perfect.
  • Implemented a minimum delay after landing from a jump (.4s) to prevent bunny-hopping.
  • Fixed a handful of zombie spawns in Derelict not having their spawn animation hooked up, resulting in an ugly zombie pop-in.
  • Fixed throwable weapons not updating their visibility and shadow visibility with the rest of the weapon code, resulting in floating shadows from the grenade/distractor you are about to throw etc.
  • Fixed being killed by a zombie showing an invalid death HUD.
  • Fixed a spot on Outpost you could drop down to and not die.
  • Disabled player yellow invulnerability fresnel effect until it’s prettified.
  • Fixed some bugs with CaH battle chatter.
  • Fixed a potential lag-induced and/or late-join crash relating to CaH HUD elements.
  • Fixed player material team color tints going away when they die.
  • Fixed frenzied zombies not showing the friendly effects when frenzied by you or a teammate while you are dead.
  • Fixed players not always respawning for the post-warm up cool down if enemy player(s) were near your starting spawns when warm up ended.
  • Fixed a rare engine crash with particle ribbon trail rendering.

If you come across any bugs or problems, please let us know by emailing our support department If you’re reporting a technical support issue, please include a full description of what happened and include a dxdiag report.

If you have any issues staying connected to the game after the patch is live, please verify integrity for your game on Steam.

  1. Load Steam.
  2. From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu.
  3. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game cache button.
  4. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes.
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